Vogue Pools

Please visit www.voguepools.co.nz to read about Vogue pools in detail. You can place your orders, read know how articles and go through FAQ's to help understand how Vogue Pools work. The pools are available from our dealer network throughout the country and you can contact us on 0800 766 5864 or 09 262 3902 or email us.

Supplied to and enjoyed by New Zealanders for decades the Vogue range of swimming pools is a high quality affordable pool option.

Designed to be installed above or in ground they are provided in kitset form and come with a 15 year warranty.

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The pools are available in round or oval, from our smallest 3.6m diameter 12,500 litre round pool to the 9.1 x 4.5m oval at 39,000 litres capacity.

The top rails and uprights are formed from high quality blow moulded plastic designed to withstand our harsh sun environment, and the steel walls are double treated with zinc and a specialist polymer coating to ensure they last the distance.

Want to see how the installation process works? The link below is to a video of an oval pool installation (it is the model just previous to the current Discovery model, but the construction is the same). Please note that for round pools the steel uprights and the steelwork under the pool are not required.



Installation Instructions Round Pool - click here
Installation Instructions Oval Pool - click here